Based in Toronto, Icke Brochu Architects have successfully executed design projects at various scales from single family residential homes to complex mixed-use developments throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Although the firm is relatively new, the two principals have over 50 years of combined architectural experience and have worked with established firms within the greater Toronto area. The firms’ team represents a collaboration of experienced architectural professionals with a strong residential and seniors portfolio of work, focusing on both mixed-use and multi-family residential developments.

 At Icke Brochu Architects we believe that the collaborative nature of architecture goes beyond the office environment and extends to developing strong relationships with our clients and associated consultants spanning across a series of professional disciplines. We are constantly refining our idea of what “architecture” is and how it defines, influences and shapes our built environment. Architecture and design has the unique ability to influence life and transform communities we live in and at Icke Brochu Architects we strive to create an aesthetic that responds to our architectural values and the dynamic environment in which we live.


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